Titan Acacia is using AI, the power of technology's greatest advancement to create awareness, access, and affordability to the masses in all aspects of life.

Pranit Aggarwal

Pranit Aggarwal is a rising senior from West Windsor, New Jersey. Pranit serves as the Head of Business Operations and Analytics for Titan Acacia. He hopes to have a positive impact on society and experiences the business world through his own company.

Shawn Kathuria

Shawn Kathuria is a full stack developer from Monroe, New Jersey. Today, he specializes in ML and AI and leads the AI development team at Titan Acacia. He is looking forward to witnessing Titan Acacia’s growth and expansion and is open to partnerships and opportunities.

Jack Luo

Jack Luo is a rising junior residing in the bay area who is passionate about upcoming technology and entrepreneurship. His works in Titan Acacia include maintaining the website in addition to developing AI products. He hopes to gain new insights on problems in the 21st century and solves them using the latest technology available while learn about machine learning at the same time.

Ivan Yeung

Ivan Yeung is a rising senior from Cupertino, California, who is passionate about aerospace engineering, coding, and designing. Ivan works on the Front End Development and Product Development team at Titan Acacia. Ivan hopes to improve the company and assist its journey of solving real-world problems using AI as a front end web developer.

Yash Kodali

Yash Kodali is a high school student who is passionate in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Aerospace, and Physics. He works on developing products for Titan Acacia using Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques as well as helps maintain the website. He enjoys learning new ways to solve problems and applying his creativity and knowledge to build various projects that are fun, interesting, and helpful.